Audicus Gives Back

Partnership with Hearing Charities of America

Audicus is helping Hearing Charities of America collect used hearing aids to refurbish for individuals in need. We need your help! Here's how it works:

  1. Have an old set of hearing aids? They can be used to help someone else in need!
  2. Send the hearing aids to the address below. Make sure to put them in a protective case.
  3. Once we receive the devices, we will pass them on to our friends at Hearing Charities of America.
  4. The hearing aids that are reusable will be refurbished and given to low income individuals.

Take Action and Learn More

Send your old hearing aids to:

Audicus Hearing Aid Donations
40 Exchange Place
Suite 1820
New York, NY 10005

*Include your name, address, email and phone number

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Hearing Charities of America

is a non - profit organization that supports those who are deaf or hard of hearing through philanthropy, volunteerism, and awareness. They provide resources for hearing professionals, manufacturers, and individuals with hearing issues in the communities they serve.

The Hearing Aid Project is an initiative focused on generating the resources needed to put hearing assistive devices into the hands of low income individuals through collaborative partnerships.

Click here to visit the Hearing Charities of America site:

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